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SO​AR for Justice

Amplifying the Voices of Survivors


SOAR for Justice ("Survivors of Abuse Rising for Justice") is committed to:

1) Educating the public about the dangers of domestic violence and the need for law reform;

2) Providing a wide platform to amplify the voices of survivors; and

3) Financially helping law students committed to human rights and anti-violence through the SOAR for Justice scholarship program.

Dovie King

Dovie King

Founder & Executive Director



"Dovie  King is a powerful and articulate leader who gives voice to the needs and experiences of abused women. Her work is more critical than ever in our times, as domestic violence perpetrators have become increasingly successful in using the legal system as a key weapon of their abuse. Abused women are tragically often left defenseless in the legal system, to the great detriment of their safety and their children's safety. We are lucky to have people like Dovie whose charisma and determination have the potential to turn this crisis around."


Bestselling Author and Consultant 

on Domestic Abuse


Kaleena Kei, Esq.

Volunteer Attorney

SOAR for Justice is 100-percent run by volunteer efforts. Our leadership team includes experienced attorneys with expertise in family law, public policy, domestic violence, employment law, housing law and discrimination.  Learn more about us HERE.

Our mission includes helping students that have faced gender-violence and abuse to reach their educational dreams. Through our scholarship program, we financially assist students using their legal skills to help survivors in need. Meet the award recipients HERE.


Rosa Petrosyan

USC Gould School of Law / Award Recipient

Valentina's Story

Valentina is a survivor and mother. Due to financial abuse by her former spouse, her dreams of graduating from law school were derailed. Her credit score was ruined and she was unable to obtain student loans. Forced to drop out of her studies, she relied on public assistance to care for her children. With help, however, Valentina is gradually turning things around. A proud recipient of the SOAR for Justice Bar Exam Award for $1150, she can afford to take the bar exam and hopefully reach her dream of financially supporting her children while pursuing her chosen career as an attorney.